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Record Time

plays the best of the classic rock era featuring a mix of vocal harmonies around a five piece band of two guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums playing favorites from the Beatles to Cream and the Guess Who.

         George was born and raised in Brooklyn and Queens NY. listening to his father’s Classic Counry records like Hank Williams, Don Gibson, and Johnny Cash. After hanging around with some of the older musicians in town and learning about Classic Rock such as Cream, CCR, 3 Dog Night and the Allman Brothers he got hooked into the bass players. He learned how to play on an upright and finally saved enough money to buy a Fender bass guitar. It ws the beginning of a long journey with great musicians. He toured from Texas to Nashville. He did a stay in North Carolina before moving back to New York. This is where he is now playing with these guys and Lovin every minute.




Patchogue/Bellport native entered the scene as a solo acoustic act adding Peter Green for an acoustic duo in later years.  Now guitarist and vocalist of Record Time favoring the Fender Stratocaster. Heavily influenced by the likes of the Beatles, Eric Clapton, and The Who.


The AARP member of the band (check his hair) he was raised on the North Shore and he played every type of music throughout high school including the orchestra, theatrical pit ensemble, stage (jazz)band, marching band, and pep band. Was in his first Rock band (Possum Shoe) as a high school freshman playing school dances. Played the rock and wedding band scene before taking a long break. But he finally couldn’t stay away any longer. While he hates to admit it, he took his first drum lesson in the third grade which is a half century ago. Practice makes perfect.


Born in Bay Shore, raised in Islip Terrace.  Early influences are the Everly Brothers, Elvis, and Simon and Garfunkle. Singing four part harmonies with my cousins on my mother’s side (the Fallons) that would curl your hair.  As I grew the Beatles, Squeeze, and others molded my musical tastes as well as being in bands and playing on my own was a great joy in my life. I hope to be able to keep playing music for the rest of my life. Rock on!

  •  GARY 

      When the band decided it was time to add a new dimension to their sound and              become more versatile to add a variety of artists they reached out to Gary. With            long  stints in popular local bands such as Heartland, Herb Garden, and Ventura          Blvd. Gary brings his 30+ years of experience to every Record Time performance.


upcoming gigs

Upcoming shows
  • 08/10/24 Patchogue, New York at Tiki Bar at Sunset Harbor
  • 08/18/24 Patchogue, New York at Tiki Bar at Sunset Harbor
  • 09/01/24 Patchogue, New York at Tiki Bar at Sunset Harbor
  • 09/13/24 Patchogue, New York at Tiki Bar at Sunset Harbor
  • 09/27/24 Patchogue, New York at Tiki Bar at Sunset Harbor


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Ticket To Ride Live at The Tiki Bar, Sunset Harbor

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